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Tanzania Distance Adventures is the local owned company, formed by Johnson Eric who not only admire nature, but also understand and know better the real life and culture of Tanzania. Johnson & his team are born and raised in Tanzania, we have been a part of Africa all our lives. Our English skills are great, and our demeanour the best it can be. Be sure to read our testimonials to see what others have to say about our experience, but more importantly, their experience with us!

“Am a local tour guide who from young age i was interested with safari and wilderness, This experience encouraged me to join training courses for wildlife guides and to continue his training with courses conducted by wildlife experts from best wildlife college in Tanzania (Mweka). I have guided so many safaris especially at Serengeti, which gives best experience on where to take you. However my whole team have excellent knowledge of the culture and local community life in Tanzania. With my 7 years as a safari guide i manages my team of guides to ensure that all Tanzania Distance Adventures clients have the trip of a lifetime and discover the amazing ecology, wildlife and wonders of Tanzania.”


Johnson Eric – Arusha, Tanzania

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