//Mahale Mountains

Mahale Mountains

No adventure to East Africa is complete without coming up close and personal with some cheeky primates. Here in Mahale National Park, the funniest inhabitants are the chimpanzees! In these beautiful mountain forests, approximately 1700 chimpanzees call the trees home. On safari in Mahale, when you’re not trekking the forests for our closest relatives, you can search for hippos and crocodiles along lake Tanganyika. Size: 1613 square kilometer

Highlights: Mount Nkungwe – The peak of this mountain is absolutely stunning. Rising above the fish-filled waters of Lake Tanganyika, dense forest blanketing the surroundings, it’s a picture-perfect view. For those keen for adventure, you can hike to the peak 2462 meters high.

Chimpanzees – The Mimikere group has been the subject of much research in the last few decades. Although a challenge to spot, why turn down this once in a lifetime adventure?

Lake Tanganyika – Famous in name if nothing else, this is natural wonder worth seeing. Snorkelling and kayaking are popular activities to bring some extra excitement to your safari!

Species: Animals you will spot on a safari here include chimpanzees. elephant, lion, wild dog, roan antelope, buffalo and giraffe, Warthog chimpanzees. yellow baboon, red colobus, blue monkey, red-tailed monkey and vervet monkey.

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