Tanzania Distance Adventures is a local Tour Operator specialize in customized safaris in Tanzania, taking care of you every step of the way. This includes:local  flights and transfers, accommodation and food, safari vehicles and of course your expertly trained guide. Nothing is left to chance, so you don’t miss your opportunity to live the safari dream! Tanzania Distance Adventures has offices in Arusha, Tanzania. It is their passion for the incredible wildlife and sense of adventure in Tanzania that lead us to establish Tanzania Distance Adventures in order to share what we have experienced with others. we have excellent knowledge of the culture and local community life in Tanzania. Whether you are an experienced independent traveler, or someone ready for the adventure of a lifetime, Tanzania Distance Adventures is for you for the best Best Tanzania Wildlife Safari. Tanzania Distance Adventures not only deal with fauna and flora but also give back to the community and provide support to the society like Masai and other tribes, we support them on social activities such as boreholes, schools maintenance, help children to get education. We will always continue to support the community for whatever we get as to keep life ecosystem in balance.

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15 Days – Big Cats Migration

A million wildebeest… each one driven by the same ancient rhythm, fulfilling its instinctive role in the inescapable cycle of life: a frenzied three-week bout of territorial conquests and mating;
survival of the fittest as 40km (25 mile) long columns plunge through crocodile-infested waters on the annual exodus north; replenishing the species in a brief population explosion that produces more than 8,000 calves daily before the 1,000 km (600 mile) pilgrimage begins again.

7 Days Superior Safari

7 days Ultimate Tanzania Safari tour to see wild animals, plants, wildlife habitat, bush, birds, rocks Serengeti kopjes, geographical features, local people and much more. Ngorongoro and Serengeti Wildlife safari itinerary designed to give you maximu
HIGHLIGHTS: Tanzania, Luxury and Relaxation, Fly In Safari

8 Days Kilimanjaro Trekking Marangu Route

The Marangu route and this has led potential climbers to think that it is an easy route to the summit. The fact that it requires a minimum of 6 days to complete it does not mean that it is easier than any other route. The only reason that people say it is easier is because it is the only route up Kilimanjaro where you sleep in huts as opposed to tents.An optional acclimatization day at Horombo Huts is highly recommended for those with no prior trekking in altitude experience under their belt.

The Great Migration

One of the greatest natural wonders of the world is the annual Great Migration that crosses the Serengeti region of northern Tanzania. Travel with Tanzania Distance Adventures and you will travel right into the heart of the terrain where this remarkable animal trek occurs.

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